Wow, you actually clicked on out Twitter link! We're too lazy to tweet but please check out these Prince of Persia stills because Sophie loves it so much.

Fun Halloween costume for one:

Fun Halloween costume for three:

Starring Ben “I’ll do it if I can wear eyeliner” Kingsley

The opening of this movie has the same vibe and font as a wall decal in a shitty Yoga studio:

Just so everyone is aware, the climactic final fight of this movie is a one-on-one between Jake Gyllenhall and Academy Award winner and legal senior citizen, Ben Kingsley

This is the last shot of this actor after his character heroically dies. I would go ahead and fire my agent.

This is the only female character in the entire movie and I’m pretty sure they named her “Tahini”

Feels like the critics were split on whether or not the ostrich racing saved or tanked the film. You decide.

Featuring Alfred “Oh is Ben wearing eyeliner? Then, yeah, I’ll take the eyeliner” Molina

Fun Halloween costume for you and twenty of your friends:

Jake Gyllenhall is a very attractive, very talented, very white man. But not in this movie.